Rotted Capes: Deadhead City


Arc 1: Glory Days, Arc 2: Paradigm Shift

Tephra and Shadow debated what to do about Techno. Shadow wanted to just exicute him, but Tephra was against it. Ultimately they took him with them. They were told about the Princeton Club and went to it to use as an enclave. They then went to find suplies. Shadow through a deadhead through a store window and they found a good bit. They were able to find a working car and used it for gathering suplies.

Over a month they got the enclave going. They were main gatherers. Eyes sent them too a part of town with a Krogers. As they left they were attacked by two cleavers. They fought them off with some small wounds. As they drove away, they were trapped by a truck with people with guns and Retribution on a motorcycle. They were able to drive away after a chase.

Eyes had found a generator towards down town. They spent a day planning. They drove to the river then walked across. It started to rain as they found the truck surrounded by deadheads. Shadow flung them through the air while Tephra fought despite her lack of fire power.

They halled the generator away. As they crossed the bridge they were attacked by Gangbang. Shadow tossed his dubes over the bridge, but they still were taking a heavy beating. Gangbang grappled Shadow and tried to tear his throat out with his teeth. One of the dupes made it back and charged Tephra. He landed a punishing blow that sent her reeling with broken ribs. Shadow through the dup off the bridge, again. Tephra knocked Gangbang off of shadow who then through him over the bridge. Sevearly injured, they hurried back to the car.

By the time they reached the enclave, Tephra showed signs of infection. She burned her own wound. She continued to get worse, and waited outside to see what would happen. By the next day, she was in horrid condition, but the infection had not spread. They brought her back in and Shadow worked to tend to her. After a week though, her injuries had only become more sever. Taking a good portion of their supplies, Shadow took Tephra to the Riverside enclade to barter for medical treatment. With their help she was able to recover. When they returned, the enclave was hungry, but now had power.



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