Rotted Capes: Deadhead City

Arc 1: Glory Days, Arc 2: Paradigm Shift

Tephra and Shadow debated what to do about Techno. Shadow wanted to just exicute him, but Tephra was against it. Ultimately they took him with them. They were told about the Princeton Club and went to it to use as an enclave. They then went to find suplies. Shadow through a deadhead through a store window and they found a good bit. They were able to find a working car and used it for gathering suplies.

Over a month they got the enclave going. They were main gatherers. Eyes sent them too a part of town with a Krogers. As they left they were attacked by two cleavers. They fought them off with some small wounds. As they drove away, they were trapped by a truck with people with guns and Retribution on a motorcycle. They were able to drive away after a chase.

Eyes had found a generator towards down town. They spent a day planning. They drove to the river then walked across. It started to rain as they found the truck surrounded by deadheads. Shadow flung them through the air while Tephra fought despite her lack of fire power.

They halled the generator away. As they crossed the bridge they were attacked by Gangbang. Shadow tossed his dubes over the bridge, but they still were taking a heavy beating. Gangbang grappled Shadow and tried to tear his throat out with his teeth. One of the dupes made it back and charged Tephra. He landed a punishing blow that sent her reeling with broken ribs. Shadow through the dup off the bridge, again. Tephra knocked Gangbang off of shadow who then through him over the bridge. Sevearly injured, they hurried back to the car.

By the time they reached the enclave, Tephra showed signs of infection. She burned her own wound. She continued to get worse, and waited outside to see what would happen. By the next day, she was in horrid condition, but the infection had not spread. They brought her back in and Shadow worked to tend to her. After a week though, her injuries had only become more sever. Taking a good portion of their supplies, Shadow took Tephra to the Riverside enclade to barter for medical treatment. With their help she was able to recover. When they returned, the enclave was hungry, but now had power.

Bus Stop
Arc 1: Glory Days

Tephra and Shadow found themsleves on the run as the outbreak spread. For the next few days they tried to move from one safe zone to the next to help the bystanders evacuate. Each time though the area was soon over run. On the third day of the outbreak someone, possibly the government, tried to sanitize the city with a missile attack. Everyone would have been wiped out if not for Shield throwing up a barrier to protect the entire city. It stopped most of the missiles, but a few got through and his status is now unknown. Shadow reminisced that he did not know much about Shield, only that he had been a very busy member of the Protectors.

They came across a small group of survivors and helped them navigate through the mess, trying to avoid the zombies. Fires had already started to break out, but the missiles that got through made it even worse. Chaos spread and they were forced along the lower east side.

On the third day after the outbreak they spotted a bus full of survivors being attacked by a mob of zombies. They told their group to stay hidden while they helped the others. Tephra moved into help, but found herself being overwhelmed by the force of the mob. She smashed one, but the rests crushed around her. Shadow dug into himself for new strength and was able to mow down the mob with a telekinetically thrown motorcycle.

The bus door opened and Officer Tyrone stepped out to thank them. He told them they had been trying escape when the bus broke down. He then mentioned, with great distaste, that one of the survivors was the villain Techno and that he had been helping with the escape. Shadow wanted to execute the villain on the spot and be done with him. Tephra vehemently objected and they were soon close to blows.

The argument was interrupted when they heard cars being batted aside. They looked down the street to the Pounder approaching. Tephra stepped out to meet his charge, side stepping a powerful punch. She remembered her last battle with him, an armed car robbery, and started to banter with him. However, she noticed he was stronger, more powerful…though no more smarter given his mix of poor quips and growls.

Shadow slammed the motorcycle from earlier down on Pounder with the maximum force he could muster, but to no effect. His undead body was to resilient. As Pounder was about to land a smashing blow he was shot with a blast of electricity by Techno. He then pointed to some gas cans where someone had been siphoning gas from cars and shouted at Shadow for them. Tephra grabbed the monster to try and hold him still. Shadow levitated the cans to Techno who then smashed them over Pounder. The gas erupted from Tephra’s heat and Pounder caught on fire. Shadow held the behemoth with his mental powers as the others beat on him with their fists until his power reserves were drained. Pounder tried to escape, but between the beating and flames he was soon crushed down and immolated.

Paradigm Shift
Arc 1: Glory Days

With the ominous news on the wind, Tephra and Shadow headed towards the center of the city where trouble was afoot. Watcher teleported them closer to downtown. They found the streets abandoned. They traveled down the streets towards distant sounds. The entire time they received static messages over their comms.

A few people ran buy them in a panic. Continuing on they saw another group that appeared to be injured. As they approached, Shadow felt something was suspicious and tried to read the mind of one of the people. He realized that there was nothing there, that this was not a living person.

The Deadheads attacked, swarming over Tephra. Shadow through up a forcefield to protect her while she transformed to her empowered form. Tephra and Shadow pumbled their attackers to no effect, they seemed to just absorb all damage dished out. Then game a dread message over the comms, that lethal force had been authorized and to aim for the heads. Tephra smashed several craniums while Shadow launched a manhole cover through the air.

With the threat eliminated, Tephra was sicked by what had happened. Shadow took things more stoically. Then they looked up to see a titanic battle, Paragon against Voltage. Paragon beat Voltage to the ground and snapped his neck before flying off. Stunned by the brutality, they were then shocked as they heard orders over the comms to retreat and the dire warning that the headquarters was being overrun. As they tried to piece things together they looked up to see a huge mob of walking dead coming their way. With no other option left, they fled.

A Routine Day
Arc 1: Glory Days

The day started relatively normal. People got up and went to work. Then something started going wrong. No one was sure what, but reports started filtering in of people acting strangely. Soon the police were being called in to deal with a major disturbance at the heart of the city. Even the Protectors were called in, though some of the junior members were being dispersed on other missions.

The Bouncing Bandit choose to use the disturbance as a chance launch a bank robbery on the lower west side. Him and his gang had just exited the bank with bags of loot when Tephra and Shadow arrived. The Bouncing Bandit thought it would be an easy get away, but was soon proven wrong.

The Bouncing Bandit attacked with stretch punches and kicks while his henchmen fired their rubberball guns. Shadow was to nimble though and the attacks had little affect on Tephera. Shadow levitated away the stollen loot and ran it back into the bank as Tephera engaged the thieves. She did get knocked down, but was soon back up pounding away to knock down all of the criminals. Shadow levitated away all of the henchmen’s weapons, making them easy targets for Tephera. The Bouncing Bandit was incensed over his own weapons being aimed at him, but realized to late that he was not going to be able to take down the B-listers.

A good punch from Tephera knocked out the Bouncing Bandit. They restrained him and his men until the police arrived. As the crooks were handcuffed and prepared for transport disturbing traffic came over their comms. Reports that " Paragon is one of them," and “Fall back,” were ominous as calls for everyone available to regroup were issued.

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