Rotted Capes: Deadhead City

Paradigm Shift

Arc 1: Glory Days

With the ominous news on the wind, Tephra and Shadow headed towards the center of the city where trouble was afoot. Watcher teleported them closer to downtown. They found the streets abandoned. They traveled down the streets towards distant sounds. The entire time they received static messages over their comms.

A few people ran buy them in a panic. Continuing on they saw another group that appeared to be injured. As they approached, Shadow felt something was suspicious and tried to read the mind of one of the people. He realized that there was nothing there, that this was not a living person.

The Deadheads attacked, swarming over Tephra. Shadow through up a forcefield to protect her while she transformed to her empowered form. Tephra and Shadow pumbled their attackers to no effect, they seemed to just absorb all damage dished out. Then game a dread message over the comms, that lethal force had been authorized and to aim for the heads. Tephra smashed several craniums while Shadow launched a manhole cover through the air.

With the threat eliminated, Tephra was sicked by what had happened. Shadow took things more stoically. Then they looked up to see a titanic battle, Paragon against Voltage. Paragon beat Voltage to the ground and snapped his neck before flying off. Stunned by the brutality, they were then shocked as they heard orders over the comms to retreat and the dire warning that the headquarters was being overrun. As they tried to piece things together they looked up to see a huge mob of walking dead coming their way. With no other option left, they fled.



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