Rotted Capes: Deadhead City

Bus Stop

Arc 1: Glory Days

Tephra and Shadow found themsleves on the run as the outbreak spread. For the next few days they tried to move from one safe zone to the next to help the bystanders evacuate. Each time though the area was soon over run. On the third day of the outbreak someone, possibly the government, tried to sanitize the city with a missile attack. Everyone would have been wiped out if not for Shield throwing up a barrier to protect the entire city. It stopped most of the missiles, but a few got through and his status is now unknown. Shadow reminisced that he did not know much about Shield, only that he had been a very busy member of the Protectors.

They came across a small group of survivors and helped them navigate through the mess, trying to avoid the zombies. Fires had already started to break out, but the missiles that got through made it even worse. Chaos spread and they were forced along the lower east side.

On the third day after the outbreak they spotted a bus full of survivors being attacked by a mob of zombies. They told their group to stay hidden while they helped the others. Tephra moved into help, but found herself being overwhelmed by the force of the mob. She smashed one, but the rests crushed around her. Shadow dug into himself for new strength and was able to mow down the mob with a telekinetically thrown motorcycle.

The bus door opened and Officer Tyrone stepped out to thank them. He told them they had been trying escape when the bus broke down. He then mentioned, with great distaste, that one of the survivors was the villain Techno and that he had been helping with the escape. Shadow wanted to execute the villain on the spot and be done with him. Tephra vehemently objected and they were soon close to blows.

The argument was interrupted when they heard cars being batted aside. They looked down the street to the Pounder approaching. Tephra stepped out to meet his charge, side stepping a powerful punch. She remembered her last battle with him, an armed car robbery, and started to banter with him. However, she noticed he was stronger, more powerful…though no more smarter given his mix of poor quips and growls.

Shadow slammed the motorcycle from earlier down on Pounder with the maximum force he could muster, but to no effect. His undead body was to resilient. As Pounder was about to land a smashing blow he was shot with a blast of electricity by Techno. He then pointed to some gas cans where someone had been siphoning gas from cars and shouted at Shadow for them. Tephra grabbed the monster to try and hold him still. Shadow levitated the cans to Techno who then smashed them over Pounder. The gas erupted from Tephra’s heat and Pounder caught on fire. Shadow held the behemoth with his mental powers as the others beat on him with their fists until his power reserves were drained. Pounder tried to escape, but between the beating and flames he was soon crushed down and immolated.



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