Rotted Capes: Deadhead City

A Routine Day

Arc 1: Glory Days

The day started relatively normal. People got up and went to work. Then something started going wrong. No one was sure what, but reports started filtering in of people acting strangely. Soon the police were being called in to deal with a major disturbance at the heart of the city. Even the Protectors were called in, though some of the junior members were being dispersed on other missions.

The Bouncing Bandit choose to use the disturbance as a chance launch a bank robbery on the lower west side. Him and his gang had just exited the bank with bags of loot when Tephra and Shadow arrived. The Bouncing Bandit thought it would be an easy get away, but was soon proven wrong.

The Bouncing Bandit attacked with stretch punches and kicks while his henchmen fired their rubberball guns. Shadow was to nimble though and the attacks had little affect on Tephera. Shadow levitated away the stollen loot and ran it back into the bank as Tephera engaged the thieves. She did get knocked down, but was soon back up pounding away to knock down all of the criminals. Shadow levitated away all of the henchmen’s weapons, making them easy targets for Tephera. The Bouncing Bandit was incensed over his own weapons being aimed at him, but realized to late that he was not going to be able to take down the B-listers.

A good punch from Tephera knocked out the Bouncing Bandit. They restrained him and his men until the police arrived. As the crooks were handcuffed and prepared for transport disturbing traffic came over their comms. Reports that " Paragon is one of them," and “Fall back,” were ominous as calls for everyone available to regroup were issued.



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